Post-surgery home care tips that ensure speedy recovery

Most often, patients are offered post-surgery care at home. This gives them an environment where they feel comfortable, leading to a quick recovery. However, family members with busy schedules or no experience in home health care, may not be able to administer the right care for recovering patients at home. In such cases, their patient may unintentionally be neglected which can prevent emotional and physical healing. We're sure you don't want that!

Here's a list of three things you can do to take care of your recovering loved ones at home:

Invest in Availing Trusted & Skilled Nursing Care at Home

After surgery, your patient might look okay. They may be able to perform routine tasks to some extent. They may even crack jokes or engage in leisurely hobbies such as reading, writing, or binge-watching their favourite show. However, internally their bodies are in the process of healing. At this stage, it is crucial for them to get nursing care at home from trained caretakers.

What does nursing at home include?

Please Note: Some patients object or are uncomfortable with the idea of 'being taken care of'. But for their well-being, we strongly advise you to hire professional nurses at home.

Say a BIG “YES!” to Healthy Home-Cooked Meals

Food that boosts healing post-surgery includes:

Pro Tip: Direct sources of the foods mentioned above are nuts, seeds, olive oil, spinach, egg, tofu, poultry, yoghurt, coconut water, herbal tea, and whole wheat.

Create a Lively and Peaceful Atmosphere for Homebound Patients

Imagine being bedridden or locked up in one place for several weeks. Undoubtedly, it can get frustrating and lonely, putting people on the verge of depression or heightened irritability. That is why, in addition to good physical care, it is equally, if not more, important to promote an environment of tranquillity at home. Pay attention to your patient's mood, take note of any behavioural changes, and be mindful of the measures you take to cheer them up.

A few ways to keep recovering patients engaged:

We hope these tips help you. At SaathEase, our experienced caretakers, nursing staff, and doctors excel in offering home health care services to recovering or homebound patients. We also provide home care for the elderly. Read more about our offerings here!

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