Ways to prevent depression in your elder loved ones

In India, mental health is still a largely taboo subject where disorders are often not treated as seriously as other physical illnesses. When it comes to people aged 60 and above, family members are quick to provide care for health issues that seem 'normal'. However, when it comes to psychological problems in older adults, people are slow to take action or acknowledge their existence. They're usually brushed off as the prerequisites of old age. Time and again, medical experts have emphasized the need to give due attention to depression in the elderly population:

Here are four ways you can prevent depression in your elder loved ones:

To Maintain Good Mental Health, Motivate Your Elders to Exercise Regularly

An active lifestyle can help your elders to remain calmer and at peace. Caregivers can start by setting short-term realistic workout goals for their elders and motivating them to realize them. Light physical activity such as walking your pet, yoga and meditation, and short walks are a good way to make exercise fun – and of course, a part of their routine!

Depression Starts Slow, Take Note of Behavioural Changes

Depression can take on many forms. It's important to recognize odd patterns in your loved ones' behaviour early on. Do they refuse to eat? Do they avoid leaving their home? Do they hoard stuff – or its opposite – getting rid of personal possessions? Do they talk about death? Pay attention to these behavioural changes to get the right help at the right time.

Prevent Depression by Ensuring Your Elderly Eat Right

Research suggests that proper nutrition prevents the onset of depressive symptoms among elderly people. If your elders receive an unhealthy nutrient intake, they can be at risk of getting depressed. Caregivers should ensure to give foods with vitamin B6, B12, Omega-3 fatty acids to elders as they reduce the risk of depression in the elderly population.

Pro Tip: Fish, leafy greens, milk, and walnuts are quick sources of vitamin B6, B12, & Omega-three fatty acids!

Give Your Time So that Your Loved Ones have a Happy Mental Health

Everyone experiences loneliness, but for elders, it can lead to serious problems. Ageing is a physically painful process that can take a toll on one's mental wellbeing. That's why it's crucial to spend quality time with your elders. We know it's not possible at times. You have work, possibly your own family to take care of, or you're in a different country altogether! We get that. That's why our trained caregivers are here to help relieve your worries and your loved ones' loneliness.

At SaathEase, we prioritize well being over everything! Our customized geriatric services can enable you to take care of the elders in your family. Our trained health professionals and experienced caregivers offer a wide range of in-home and virtual care packages for the elderly.

Get in touch with us to relieve your worries at once!

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