Ways your elders to adapt to digital

The pandemic has gripped the world into a standstill state. With travel bans and the risk of infection still widespread, people settled abroad have been missing out on their trips back home to visit their parents on special occasions, health check-ups, and more. Not being able to meet their children or close relatives has created an emotional upheaval in the lives of the elderly. Fortunately, technology was around to save the day. With the help of the internet and video conferencing, physical distances have been covered — at least virtually! However, virtual catch-ups don't make up for the assistance that our elderly need to use electronic appliances like the ATM, washing machine, microwave, etc. for their daily needs.

Here's what you can do to give digital assistance to seniors living alone at home:

Make Accessibility a Priority

It is important to make sure that all necessary devices are within reach. Especially if your elder relies on a walking aid to move around. Hence, proofing your home for the elderly is a necessity. For instance,

Choose the Right Devices and Appliances

Most young people find it easy to use modern technology because they have grown up using it. Older people, on the other hand, are generally less inclined to use modern technology. Some older people might not see the ways technology could benefit them, especially if they've never used the internet, touchscreen appliance, or a smartphone before. It is very important for their device to be simple to use and free of complex features.

Hire an Experienced Home Attendant to Help Them Out

If you avail the services of a caregiver, half of your problems will be instantly resolved! A caregiver can easily handle any problem that the elderly face while operating digital devices and appliances. This will give them more confidence and prevent unnecessary stress.

Schedule Virtual Catch-Ups while the Caregiver is Present

You can create a calendar scheduling the time for their video and audio chats. Try to make this time fall into the shift of their caregiver to avoid any confusion and frustration. Today's older generation comes from a time of dedicated punctuality. Assigning fixed time for activities will also give their days a sense of purpose.

Sound Elder Care Includes Creating Secure Cyber Spaces

Scammers and hackers are present everywhere. Older people are a very easy target as they are not very tech-savvy. Make sure that their account details and financial activities are on safe platforms. You should set up strong passwords, adjust browser safety settings, and set up reliable security software on their digital devices.

With times restricting physical interactions, it has become even more important to stay digitally connected with older people back home. With these steps taken care of, your parents or grandparents can be easily engaged and you can readily check-up on them without causing them frustration or unease.

SaathEase can expertly take care of your loved ones. Reach out to us to know more about elderly day care services.

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