A quick guide to Happier Elders

The happiness of older people is always a matter at stake. Often you see people from the senior generation barely living their life, rather they just exist. Waiting for time and life to pass. “How do we make them happy?” is always a rhetorical question with no quest to actually find a solution. The reason behind this disregard for answers is the majorly accepted misconception that the older you get, the more downhill your mood goes. But recent studies show that the impending bad mood is not a lovechild of old age and changed times, but it is the lack of knowing what can truly make older people happy

Older People are Happier People - Here's Why!

A recent study conducted among participants from over 150 countries indicates a general decline in happiness between early adulthood and middle age.In contrast, respondents between the ages of 50-90 indicated a stable increase in quality of life. Researchers concluded with the observation of vast distinction between factors contributing to older people's happiness and that of their younger counterparts. The younger generation chases adventures, cherishes changes, grasps at new developments, and finds solace in traveling far and wide. In contradiction, the older generation is found rather content developing meaningful relationships by sharing ordinary experiences with friends and family.This is a clear indication towards the fact that older people are not looking to celebrate life with major events or adrenaline-boosting adventures. Rather they are truly at home when they're living life through peaceful moments between familiar activities that retain a feeling of independence

The Two Keys of Happiness

In conclusion, there stand two basic paths towards providing your senior loved ones a quality life in their aging years. SaathEase is here to help you achieve each of the two and so much more.

Time spent with people:

The foremost requirement of any person in the concluding stage of life is company. Older people are lonelier because they feel left behind; by children busy with their lives, friends too ill to talk or already passed away, and old customs plus traditions that no longer exist. But due to the demanding life and world of today it has become as difficult to give them quality time as it is necessary. We can help you with that. A Saathi is available to be a companion to your dear and near ones.

A sense of independence:

This is extremely important. The older generation comes from a time that lacked automation. They never depended on cars for commuting, mobiles for communication, or machinery for tasks. That is why, depending on younger family members can break their self esteem. You might be in need of hiring help for them, but the anticipation of their reaction must be holding you back.

A more practical way to approach this would be to convince them to hire help for themselves! Give them the liberty to choose what services they want, from whom they want those services, and the time of the day that they would like to avail those services. For a further nudge in the convincing department, help them read our blog “When old age gives you lemons, get someone to make lemonade!”

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