Gift ideas for your elderly parents for this holiday

Who doesn’t enjoy holidays with family? Trips down the memory lane, freshly-baked sweets, warm hugs, and endless laughter! When we spend time with our loved ones, all our worries and anxieties seem to fade away. Given the struggles we faced during the pandemic, this year, a family holiday could be the very thing that brings peace and normalcy back to our lives. An important ritual of such family holidays is gift-giving. For our elders, a gift can also be a way to say that we care and to show our affection. Knowing that we love them makes elders happy, leading to a healthy state of mind and heart. That is why we should be patient and thoughtful while choosing a gift for our elderly.

The time SaathEase has spent with senior citizens has made us acutely aware of their needs, wants, and yearnings. To help you pick a gift that your elderly will cherish, we’ve compiled a list of things that every elderly will certainly undoubtedly love!

Smart Assistive Devices

From booking a cab, ordering groceries, to keeping in touch with loved ones, smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives. You can give your elders a smartphone with a big screen and one that’s comfortable to hold and operate. It will surely make daily life easier for them.

Customized Photo Album

What better way to go back in time than photographs, isn’t it? A customized photo album is a sure way of lighting up your elders’ face with bright smiles and happiness. You can simply place an order on an online retail store or visit your local market to get a customized photo album.

Air Purifiers

Journaling is known to help people in managing their anxieties, stress, and internal turmoil. Maintaining a diary can help to make sense of one’s problems and also gives a safe space where people can just let go. So give a diary to your recovering loved one and encourage them to try out regular journaling.

Helper for Daily Needs & Support

You can sign up your elders for virtual healthcare or better, get a professional helper to cover for their daily needs. Home caregivers will be a thoughtful and beneficial gift for seniors as they can assist them in routine tasks, providing companionship, and looking after their health when other family members are not around.

Good times spent with family are essential in keeping senior citizens in a positive state of mind. During family holidays, and even in other times, we should strive to keep our elders happy as that has a direct effect on their physical wellbeing

With home health care services like SaathEase, you can take care of your older loved ones with great ease! Be it winters, summers, holiday season, or rains, a Saathi is always present to give your loved ones the care they so rightly deserve! We offer a wide range of caregiving services for the elderly in Bhopal. Read about our services here

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