How can you help seniors to stay fit

Our elders offered us steel-like support when we were young. At times, they neglected their own health to take care of ours; all through our childhood, they frequently advised us to develop an active lifestyle. But as they grow older, they struggle to follow their own words of wisdom. Inability to stay motivated, chronic diseases, and anxiety of going out prevent them from regularly engaging in physical activity. Now, it is our duty to create or provide an environment where they can thrive – physically, emotionally, and socially

Recommendations for Physical Activity for People Aged 65+

Now, let's find out how we can help our elders to engage in regular physical activity.

Accompany Elders in Their Daily Physical Activities

Very often, seniors aged 65 and above struggle with numerous physical illnesses, and as a result, they are physically weak. What few people understand is that they can be emotionally weak too. The fear of growing old, thoughts about the afterlife, and being distant from their children can take a heavy toll on their mental strength. So it's better if we become their companion when they go out to get their daily dose of physical activity. This will motivate them and will make exercise fun, just something they look forward to and enjoy doing!

Introduce Your Elderly to Online Workouts

Your elderly parent or relative may not have the means or strength to go to the gym or your neighbourhood park. But that's okay. You can convert your home into a mini-gym! These days, popular gyms offer online workout sessions. You can avail them or can look for other alternatives. Pre-recorded videos, live streams, online workout routines are readily available on YouTube and Instagram. These workout videos are highly engaging, age-appropriate, and offered by certified trainers too. Note: Initially, elders can face problems in operating digital devices or browsing the internet, but be patient with them. Remember, kindness wins, always!

Turn to Expert & Certified Physical Trainers for the Elderly

Due to medical reasons, if your elderly can only engage in light exercises, then we suggest you hire professionals to supervise them. Trained physiotherapists can better plan safe physical workout sessions for them, while helping them to follow a daily exercise schedule. Certified trainers can also ensure that your elders engage in varied physical activities such as strength and functional balance training, breathing exercises, stress management, and more. Moreover, physiotherapy sessions or scheduled exercise at home can enable seniors to feel more at ease. After all, not all elderly enjoy leaving the comfort of their home.

With utmost care and support, our elders enabled us to lead healthier and physically-active lives. Now, as we do the same for them, let us commit to do it with love, compassion, and care. Our elders are the source of our existence, so let us strive to make existence a bliss for them in the autumn of their lives.

At SaathEase, we tirelessly work to make growing old a positive experience. To this end, we offer a wide range of caregiving services at home, including physiotherapy, therapeutic massages, and specialized physical training for people with arthritis, muscle strain, joint pain, and more. Contact us to know more about our care giving services for the

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