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Approaching senior years can give anyone the blues. You retired from a job you spent your whole life doing. Your children are scattered across the world and settling into their own lives. Everything is now automatedly transformed and suddenly your days have lost purpose. In the wake of such cathartic offloading from responsibilities of a younger life, it is absolutely natural to find oneself in a fix. Leaving behind an old routine and developing a new one can be challenging, especially if it's at a later stage in life. But on top of all of this, the most crushing aspect of old age has got to be the lagging strength. Not having the physical capacity to perform basic tasks of day-to-day life, take care of your home, tend to your garden, drive your car around the city, and indulge in old habits can leave a heavy emotional toll.

Here's a few things that you can do to help your elderly loved ones hush away the old age blues:

Help them Understand and Accept Their Capacities

Being over sixty or seventy does not mean that one becomes incapable of handling things on their own. It simply implies that it's high time they got them done by someone else. It is not a dependency if it is an independent decision to seek help. It is all about taking the mentally taxing responsibility of taking decisions in one's own hands and taking a stand for what they truly need. This way, the time spent with loved ones catering to their daily needs can now instead be quality time that everyone spends chatting, playing, and making memories together.

Reiterate Keeping Up the Physical Activity

Bones becoming brittle is not something to be taken lightly, but at the same time muscles should not be left stationary for too long. Walking or physiotherapy should not under any circumstance be a once in a blue moon thing but should be brought into everyone's daily routine with due diligence. But the catch is that your elderly loved ones cannot walk around unattended. And the busy schedules of your family members make it difficult for them to undertake regular exercise. The solution is quite simple. Take away the guilt of your family members for not being able to take your loved ones on their daily outing and instead hire someone to help you keep active.

Please note: Make sure to take time off every now and then to walk with them. This will help them feel more loved.

Make Them Take Care of Their Own Diet

Make taking care of their daily diet an activity for them to indulge in. Ask them to be mindful of what they can and cannot eat. Make them come up with alternatives for food that they love but cannot eat due to dietary restrictions. Help them plan out their weekly food schedule.You can also seek professional help that can help them out with their nutrition and medication.

Hire a Saathi

Convey the following message to them in a manner that they can understand:

“Taking the independent decision to hire professional help for your physical, nutrition, and medical needs does not tell your family members that you're not satisfied with how they take care of you. It tells them that you care for them and want them around emotionally, not just to cater to your needs.

Hire a Saathi to help you exercise, meet friends, eat right, get timely medications, tend to your home, and consequently maintain a healthy relationship with your family members based on independent dependency.”

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