Saathease - Home Care Agency Testimonial 1
SaathEase cared for
me like a son

SaathEase cared for me like a son.Their caretakers are punctual,polite, hygienic, and really energetic. Overall, my experience with SaathEase was great.

Mr. RamLal Gupta
Home care services for elderly
Physiotherapy from SaathEase
relieved my pain

I had severe back pain for a long
time. But after physiotherapy
from SaathEase, it felt like my
back pain never existed! I am
grateful to team SaathEase.

Dr. Atiya Sultan
Home care services for elderly
SaathEase made daily life
easier for me

Breathing and body pain
problems made daily life
very difficult for me. With
SaathEase’s home care
services, I feel more at ease

Ms. Najma Farooqui

We Offer Services To Meet Your Needs

Are you searching for
professional caregivers
in Bhopal?

Professional Caregivers in Bhopal
Home Nursing Care

Do you want someone to
help with your daily needs?

Are you looking for a
friend who offers
emotional support?

Emotional Support - Personal Caregiver
Physiotherapists - Personal Caregiver

Do you need physiotherapists
who can come to your home?

‘Saathi’ – One Person,
Several Roles

One Person, Several Roles - 24 Hour Caregiver

SaathEase Mobile App – Helping You To
Take Better Care Of Your Loved Ones

Take care of your loved one at any time and from
anywhere with the SaathEase Mobile App

SaathEase Mobile App - Nursing Home Care Services
SaathEase Healthscore - In-home Medical Care

Check Health Score
For Free

What is the status of your health? The SaathEase
Health Score calculator will give an indication of
your current health status. All you need is to
complete a health assessment form.

We Have Medical Equipment For Your Home

Oxygen Concentrator - Medical equipment Saathease

Oxygen Concentrator

ICU Monitor - Medical equipment Saathease

ICU Monitor

Suction Machine - Medical equipment Saathease

Suction Machine

Medical Beds - Medical equipment Saathease

Medical Beds

Nebulizer - Medical equipment Saathease


NIV - Medical equipment Saathease


Air Mattresses - Medical equipment Saathease

Air Mattresses